Work and the Workplace

Takin' what they're givin' when you're workin' for a livin'

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BS117 - Grad School - It's not just a job, it's an indenture!
BS127 - Another Deadline, Another Miracle
BS150 - Will litigate for food [with disclaimer]
BS170 - To err is human. To forgive is against company policy.
BS177 - Never trust a smiling GM!
BS179 - Will build thermonuclear devices for food
BS182 - Weird Enough for Government Work
BS249 - Summa cum laude graduate, Darth Vader School of Personnel Management
BS277 - Computers cut my work in half... and the boss expects me to put it all back together!
BS282 - Where are we going? Why am I in this handbasket?
BS287 - No thanks. I gave at the orifice.
BS298 - B.S. (Phys): Why does it work? B.S. (Engr): How does it work? B.A. (Acctg): How much will it cost? B.A. (Arts) You want fries with that?
BS302 - Four space stations were lost and they still funded a fifth? Only on TV - Babylon 5
BS310 - Will Write Code for Food
BS311 - I got out of bed for this?
BS352 - It's hard to Soar with Dragons when you Work with Gargoyles
BS358 - Are you sure this isn't just a live-action roleplaying game?
BS381 - Always proofread. You might have something out.
BS393 - I owe it all to my boss - Ulcers, nausea, paranoia...
BS431 - I can't go to work today. The voices told me to stay home and clean the guns.
BS439 - Out of mind - Back in 5 minutes
BS444 - WARNING! Dates in calendar are closer than they appear!
BS445 - It's lonely at the top... but you eat better.
BS446 - WORK is for people who don't know how to FISH
BS447 - Work is for people who don't SURF THE NET
BS464 - Will Genetically Engineer Organisms For Food
BS470 - POSTAL! (with graphic of speeding bullet)
BS472 - THIMK   [please note; this is not a typo; the sticker really is spelled with an "M".]
BS493 - Seven out of ten voices in my head say "Call in sick"
BS506 - WORK as if you don't need the money. LOVE as if you've never been hurt. DANCE as if no one is watching.
BS508 - Opinions expressed on this vehicle are not necessarily those of the driver.
BS574 - A parking lot is not the place to "think outside the box"!

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