It's no fun without them, and sometimes less fun with...

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BS184 - Unicorns aren't mythical... virgins are!
BS187 - Cats make more sense than women
BS188 - Men exist because cats won't mow the lawn. Women exist because sheep can't cook. Neither of these things explain children.
BS192 - She said "Harder!" I did that. She said "Faster!" I did that. She said "Deeper!" I philosophized.
BS196 - My wife keeps complaining that I never listen to her... or something like that.
BS206 - I am suffering from a Sexually Transmitted Disease: Children!
BS244 - An angry Dragon may eat you, but an angry Woman is truly dangerous
BS395 - Most men would respect a woman's mind more if it bounced gently as she walked.
BS399 - Nine out of ten men who have tried camels prefer women.
BS452 - Few women admit their age. Fewer men act it.
BS477 - Beautiful women don't intimidate me, but I sure wish they would try!
BS496 - If I want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I'LL PUT SHOES ON THE CAT!
BS508 - Opinions expressed on this vehicle are not necessarily those of the driver.

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