Item TSHIRT-073

Dungeon is filled with trap

KEEP CLEAR - Dungeon likely to contain spiked pits, acid pools, flame spouts, and spinning blades. Do not let children operate switches levers, or play with wandering monsters. If Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. Do not hit on the DM's girlfriend EVER AGAIN.

The Engrishness of the sign is intentional, not a typo or a mistake.

The art work was done by Ben Rodriguez for Kris Overstreet of WLP Comics. We just print that you can buy it.

Sizes available: S through 5X in stock; 6x on special order.
Colors: Black with white and orange imprint.
Please Note: The buttons are for US destinations ONLY.

For shipping to points outside the United States, please email us with your country and the design and size of shirt required so that we can provide the correct rate.

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