Item TSHIRT-050

GM's don't kill characters

"GMs don't kill characters.
No, wait, that's wrong, we do."

On one hand, one of the enduring tenets of role-playing games is that the Game Master is not supposed to play favorites, and is supposed to be there as a neutral arbiter who merely interprets the rules and the die rolls with as little application of personal bias as possible. On the other hand, GMs are human, so this aloof detachment generally lasts just about as long as it takes for a couple of the players to go out of their way to do something just incredibly stupid[1].

This shirt was inspired by a shirt from a competitor; it had the same opening statement followed by a long and humorous list of monsters (and other things) in a game which might do the deed, closing with "and other player characters...kill characters." It was amusing, and would still be somewhat popular if it remained in print, but it appears to be gone now.

The design is approximately 9.9 inches by 10.3 inches.

Sizes available: S through 5X
Color: Black shirt with white imprint.
Please Note: The buttons are for US destinations ONLY.

For shipping to points outside the United States, please email us with your country and the design and size of shirt required so that we can provide the correct rate.

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Orders for addresses in Texas are subject to sales tax.

[1] i.e., about half as long as it takes for the pizza guy to show up.

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