Item TSHIRT-048


Pass me another character sheet and some better dice.
If you're familiar with role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons™, you know what this is about. If not, there's a Wikipedia page that explains quite a bit about D&D™ and its successors and imitators. Short version: When a player's character gets killed while doing something, it's often traditional to blame the dice...

The design is approximately 7.5 inches by 9.5 inches, and is positioned somewhat off-center to the left side of the front of the shirt.

Sizes available: S through 5X
Colors: Black shirt with red and white imprint.
Please Note: The buttons are for US destinations ONLY.

For shipping to points outside the United States, please email us with your country and the design and size of shirt required so that we can provide the correct rate.

Click Here to order Small: $19
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Click Here to order 2X: $21
Click Here to order 3X: $22
Click Here to order 4X: $23
Click Here to order 5X: $24

Orders for addresses in Texas are subject to sales tax.

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