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An explanatory note for the non-gamers: The dice used in many complex games may have 4, 6, 8, 12 or 20 (and sometimes more) sides. They obviously aren't all cubes, in other words. In some cases, after the dice are rolled and their value noted, there may be a correction factor applied that changes the value of the roll either up or down before the roll is scored. Since a "+4" (for instance) on a 20-sided die would make a roll of 16 score as a 20, the special significance of the unmodified roll is acknowledged by the use of the term "natural", and a "natural 20" is the best you can get from a 20-sided die.
While the positioning of these two 20s on the front of the shirt, combined with their size and shape, seems to cause them to be regarded as suggestive of something else entirely by some people, it's obviously just a coincidence.
The design is approximately 9.9 inches by 4.7 inches, in red and white ink on a black shirt.

Sizes available: S through 5X on a regular T-shirt, or S through 2X on a misses-cut tee. The misses-cut shirt run substantially smaller; click here for the misses-cut size chart.
Color: Black with red and white imprint.
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T-shirt Misses  
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