Item TSHIRT-028

design detail

"I have not lost my mind. It's backed up on the server. (And the network is down again.)"

We've all had days like that. Some people have lives like that.

Sizes available: S through 5X
Color: Black with blue imprint. The color in the picture is approximate; how well it matches will depend on the monitor on which it's seen.
Please Note: The buttons are for US destinations ONLY.

For shipping to points outside the United States, please email us with your country and the design and size of shirt required so that we can provide the correct rate.

Click Here to order Small: $19
Click Here to order Medium: $19
Click Here to order Large: $19
Click Here to order X-Large: $19
Click Here to order 2X: $21
Click Here to order 3X: $22
Click Here to order 4X: $23
Click Here to order 5X: $24

Orders for addresses in Texas are subject to sales tax.

Click here for email and regular mail ordering instructions, and for product information.

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