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Will build thermonuclear devices for food

design detail
This design was revised on 6 February 2007; more info about that is at the bottom of the page.

With all the upheavals that have been visited upon the Russian economy, we would not be surprised if the sentiment expressed on this shirt was close to the truth for some of the people in that nation. In Russian, it says something closely equivalent to "Will build thermonuclear devices for food." (It's actually more like "I will build a thermonuclear device for a slice of bread.") It takes a rather strange sense of humor to appreciate this type of thing, which may account for the reason why most of our friends think it's hilarious.
A cultural note: We've been informed that the slogan on this shirt is only humorous to those who are familiar with the US phenomenon of the "homeless person" holding a sign that says "Will work for food". There apparently is no corresponding custom in Russia...but for those here in the US, the reference and implication is obvious.

The design is approximately 9 inches by 10.5 inches.

Sizes available: S through 5X
Colors: Black shirt with red and white imprint.
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Announcing the Great "Who Cares If It's An Accurate Translation" Closeout Sale!

As noted above, the design for this shirt was revised in early February 2007, when we were graciously informed that the old one's Russian phraseology made less sense than the infamous Tounge Of Frog package labelling. The old design's text [click here for photo] had been obtained from someone who was teaching English in Romania, and apparently the folks he got it from were less than fluent in Russian. Although it comes out more or less intelligible when fed to Babelfish, it's as badly misconstructed as any of the things chronicled at But, being cheap bastards blatant opportunists socially conscious and thrifty people who don't want to increase the landfill burden, we decided to offer the old design for a really cheap price for as long as stock lasts. By the way, if you bought one of the previous design and are now shocked and appalled to discover that it's not the wonderful thing it should have been, email us and ask for the Shirt Upgrade Deal.

The table below will accept orders for the old design. If the "buy now" button is missing for your size, it's because stock is already exhausted...but if that's the case, check back in a week or two, as we have some travelling stock that will get returned at some point, and the size might become available again...for a while, anyway. Shipping on these is via First Class Mail for sizes up to XL; for 2X and bigger, it's via Priority Mail.

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