Price, Ordering and Other Details about our T-shirts


Unless indicated otherwise on the page describing the particular design, the prices for our shirts are: $19 for sizes S through XL, $21 for 2X, $22 for 3X, $23 for 4X, and $24 for 5X. We don't have a really convenient way to automate the ordering of multiple shirts at the moment, though we're working on it. If you place orders for two or more shirts via the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons, we will catch that when we are packing the order, and we'll refund any shipping overage and applicable discount. Or, you can email us a list of what you want (with stock numbers, sizes and colors) so that we can send you a custom link to do it all at once with the shipping already corrected.


Shipping is not included in the prices above, and shipments to Texas addresses are subject to sales tax. For one shirt alone, shipping to any US destination is around $6 via Priority Mail (depending on which Flat Rate package is appropriate). For multiple shirts, or for shipment via other methods, email telling us what you want, how you prefer to have it shipped, and where it needs to go, and we'll get back to you with the exact shipping charges. Unfortunately, international shipping to destinations more distant than Canada is now ridiculously expensive. We'll provide a quote on request, but it's probably not going to be reasonable. You can estimate multiple-shirt shipping to destinations in the US using the USPS website; for sizes up to 2X, allow 10 ounces per shirt; 3X shirts are about 12 ounces each, and 4X shirts are about 14 ounces each. (This includes an allowance for packing materials; the actual weight could be lower.) 5X seldom comes in under a pound with even the lightest envelope, but it will still fit in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope, and the postage for that is $6.10 as of late 2016.


To order one shirt online for shipment to an address in the US, just use the handy "Buy Now" buttons; "Buy Now" takes you to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card to pay for a purchase via PayPal. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover, including the "gift cards" that some processors simply can't handle.

For multiple shirts to a destination in the US, if you're in a hurry, you can use the PayPal buttons to place individual orders for each item, and we'll consolidate them and refund the shipping overage when we process the order. Otherwise, as noted above, you can email us for a link to place the order in one transaction. For orders bound to points outside the United States, e-mail us at info (@) instantattitudes [dot] com with the list of what you want (be specific; sizes are important), and we'll check stock and reply with a total and further details.

To order by mail, you can send a check or money order for US funds in the appropriate amount to Instant Attitudes, PO Box 925886, Houston, TX 77292 with a note telling us which shirt(s) you want and where to ship. We're not rigidly structured around here; no fancy order form is needed.


With the exception of the misses' cut shirts that we offer in certain designs, all of our T-shirts are generic "adult" shirts, which some people refer to as "men's shirts", and we stick with brands that have a history of not being oddly-sized. Although the actual dimensions are much less randomly variable than is the case for women's shirts, there may be small differences from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from batch to batch. We're often not able to predict which brand of shirt we will be using for a print run (the supply chain is just too unreliable in that regard), so we can't publish an exact set of dimensions that we can guarantee will be accurate. (Plus, they're knits; shake one out and measure again, and you'll probably get a different result.) If you're particular about fit, inquire before ordering and we'll happily provide actual measurements from the stock on hand in the design that you want.

Sizing runs TINY on the misses' cut; they're printed on Tultex 213 shirts, which are intended to fit very snug, and the size chart is here. The tultex 213 has a relatively small amount of shrinkage, and is very stretchy; if it fits and isn't excessively snug on first try-on, it's probably right. We would like to be able to optionally offer some of our shirts in "women's shirts", but our experience has been that the actual sizes are wildly and irrationally variable, and supply is far less reliable than with the generic shirts. Some of the manufacturers don't seem willing to keep making the same shirt for more than six months at a time; just as something gains acceptance and starts to get popular, it's gone. We think that's just nucking futs. We've concluded that we're safer not sticking our feet into that particular quagmire.

About the material of the shirts

For the vast majority of our designs, we use 100% cotton shirts from various manufacturers, preferably made from either 5.6 oz. or 6.1 oz. material, such as Gildan Ultra Cotton, Anvil 979, or Hanes 5250 shirts. Any that are described as a "heather" color are a cotton/polyester blend. We use only pre-shrunk shirts, and our experience has been that these shrink very little (often not at all) when washed in warm or cold water and tumbled dry on medium or low. Many knits will contract and appear smaller after washing, even if done by hand, but will relax back to their normal size when worn. Please note that any cotton garment may truly shrink if abused by washing in hot water or by setting the dryer on "high". On occasion, our principal suppliers run out of our most preferred brands, and as a result we usually have multiple brands of shirts, occasionally in varying weights, on hand; if there is a specific brand or type that you just can't stand, let us know and we'll check stock to see what we have.

Washing precautions

As noted above; our 100% cotton shirts should be washed only in warm or cold water; they should be tumbled dry on medium or low, or (preferably) hung to dry on a line. Washing them "inside out" to reduce abrasion of the design has been reported by many of our customers to extend the life of the shirt, but we're not convinced that it makes a difference. All of our designs are applied by conventional screen printing techniques, not by inkjet transfers or direct-to-garment inkjet printing. Some screen printing inks may adhere to each other if overheated; that's another reason why we recommend "medium" or "low" as the setting for your dryer. (Of course, you could always just sidestep the whole issue and hang them to dry after you pull them out of the washer; it not only saves your shirts from the wear induced by tumble drying, it also saves electricity.) Never iron a printed design; the ink may melt and stick to the iron or the ironing board! And never dry-clean a screen-printed shirt; the solvents used in dry cleaning will soften, damage or remove the ink.

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