...the search for knowledge, when they'll let us.

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BS173 - 1.8 x 1012 furlongs per fortnight. 'Tis a good Idea, and it doth be the Law.
BS179 - Will build thermonuclear devices for food
BS181 - Those who can, Teach. Those who cannot teach ARE RUNNING THE SCHOOLS!
BS240 - [fish with legs] You keep believing... we'll keep evolving!
BS243 - Alcohol and calculus don't mix NEVER DRINK AND DERIVE!
BS298 - B.S. (Phys): Why does it work? B.S. (Engr): How does it work? B.A. (Acctg): How much will it cost? B.A. (Arts) You want fries with that?
BS316 - Testing drugs on computers just makes them safe for computers.
BS329 - What we really need is a moment of SCIENCE in the public schools!
BS368 - Inside every small problem is a big one trying to get government funding
BS405 - Reunite Gondwanaland
BS464 - Will Genetically Engineer Organisms For Food
BS476 - When cryptography is outlawed, 7c%K@mp8T=;Rfs9bVhi*5xFwW/Q[uY
BS478 - The first cup of coffee recapitulates phylogeny
BS495 - CHAOS - More than a theory, it's the Way of Life
BS502 - Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Rocket Scientist!
BS503 - Entropy was just a concept, until I got a cat!
BS543 - Arsenic is "natural". Hemlock is "organic".
BS545 - Belief is no substitute for knowledge
BS555 - Preserve the old growth lithosphere. BAN SUBDUCTION!

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