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Shipping rates revised 26 July 2017

At present, we don't have a functional shopping cart, but you can still place a bumper sticker order online by sending us an email listing the stock numbers and quantities of the items you want; if you are outside the US, note that we need the country to quote the correct shipping charges. We'll check stock and reply with a total for the order, including links to allow you to pay with a credit card or electronic check via PayPal. Mail orders are also welcome; our address is near the bottom of this page. If neither of those works for you, email us and we'll see if there's another option available.

Prices with shipping for bumper stickers (to destinations in the US) are given in the table below. It's always best to e-mail your shopping list and let us check stock before ordering, even if you'll be paying by mail.  (Here's another Essential Hint about Ordering:  It helps insure that you'll get the right stuff if you list both the stock number and the first few words of the sticker slogan on your order.  That way, if there's a typo in our list, we'll still send you the correct item.) 

The e-mail address for order inquiries is:
info (@) instantattitudes . com

"Cheap Shipping" is via First Class Mail; "Faster Shipping" is via Priority Mail.

Quantity Price ea.= sub total+ Cheap Shipping= Total OR + Faster Shipping= Total
1 $2.50$2.50$2.81$5.31$6.25$8.75
2 $2.50$5.00$2.81$7.81$6.25$11.25
3 $2.00$6.00$2.81$8.81$6.25$12.25
4 $2.00$8.00$2.81$10.81$6.25$14.25
5 $2.00$10.00$2.81$12.81$6.25$16.25
6 $2.00$12.00$2.81$14.81$6.25$18.25
7 $2.00$14.00$2.97$15.92$6.25$18.75
8 $2.00$16.00$2.97$18.97$6.25$22.25
9 $2.00$18.00$2.97$20.97$6.25$24.25
10* $2.00$20.00*$2.97$22.97*$6.25$26.25*
11* $2.00$20.00*$2.97$22.97*$6.25$26.25*
12* $1.67$20.00*$2.97$22.97*$6.25$26.25*
13 $1.67$21.67$2.97$24.64$6.25$27.92
14 $1.67$23.34$2.97$26.31$6.25$29.59
15 $1.67$25.00$2.97$27.97$6.25$31.25
16 $1.67$26.67$2.97$29.64$6.25$32.92
17 $1.67$28.34$2.97$31.31$6.25$34.59
18 $1.67$30.00$2.97$32.97$6.25$36.25
19 $1.67$31.67$2.97$34.64$6.25$37.92
20 $1.67$33.34$2.97$36.31$6.25$39.59
21 $1.67$35.00$2.97$37.97$6.25$41.25
22 $1.67$36.67$2.97$39.64$6.25$42.92
23 $1.67$38.34$2.97$41.31$6.25$44.49
24 $1.67$40.00$2.97$42.97$6.25$46.25
25 $1.67$41.67$2.97$44.64$6.25$47.92
* Look very closely at the total prices for 10, 11 and 12 stickers, and you'll notice two things; first, it's the same price for 10 as it is for twelve, and the math is a bit off for the total on 11. That's because it would actually be cheaper, by our pricing system, to buy 12 than 11. So we've buggered the numbers a bit; if you really only want 11, you can have them for the price of 12. It's a bit daft, admittedly, but then, so are a lot of other things; at least this one is in your favor.

For larger quantities, send us an e-mail and we'll cheerfully give you the total; you might be into the next price break anyway, and shipping gets a little more interesting due to the weight involved.

To place an order by mail:
If possible, first, send us a stock check request via e-mail, to
info (@) instantattitudes . com
(obviously, you'll need to remove the anti-spammer spaces and parentheses from that email address)
listing the stock numbers and quantities of the items you want. We'll check our inventory, and reply with a total for the order; mailing instructions will be included, so you don't need to worry about writing that down. If e-mailing to check stock isn't possible, just drop a check or money order in the mail with your list, addressed to:

Instant Attitudes
PO Box 925886
Houston, TX 77292
  If an item isn't on hand when we receive your mail order, we'll ship what we have and refund the difference. If your order is contingent on getting everything, please note that so that we can return your check if we can't ship complete.

We know it's as dull as an Access Channel special on 17th-century turnip harvesting techniques in Borneo, but you really should have read the Semi-Boring Stuff that you need to know before placing an order...so if you haven't already done that, click here, OK?

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