Mysteries (literary)

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BS133 - Creature of the Night
BS151 - The way to a man's heart is between the fourth and fifth ribs
BS163 - Dead men tell no tales... unless you're in forensics
BS168 - I have seen the truth, and it makes no sense!
BS230 - Who needs drugs? I go broke buying books!
BS233 - Book lovers never go to bed alone!
BS341 - Victims and suspects and clues, oh my!
BS342 - Mystery readers are never clueless (after chapter one)
BS343 - A tisket, a tasket, a victim in a casket
BS344 - The four essential elements: Means, Motive, Opportunity and Chocolate!
BS345 - "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." --S. Holmes
BS348 - There's no Police like Holmes
BS349 - My husband said he'd leave me if I didn't stop reading mysteries all the time... Why didn't I start sooner?
BS389 - Do autoparanoid schizophrenic agnostic dyslexic insomniacs lie awake at night wondering if they might be the dog that's out to get them?
BS429 - Come out, come out, whatever you are!

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