Am I getting smart with you?

How would YOU know?

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BS104 - Annoy a politician today - THINK
BS119 - If ignorance is Bliss, Washington must be Paradise!
BS181 - Those who can, Teach. Those who cannot teach ARE RUNNING THE SCHOOLS!
BS223 - I think, therefore I am dangerous
BS271 - Computers aren't intelligent. They just think they are.
BS298 - B.S. (Phys): Why does it work? B.S. (Engr): How does it work? B.A. (Acctg): How much will it cost? B.A. (Arts) You want fries with that?
BS329 - What we really need is a moment of SCIENCE in the public schools!
BS331 - Some push the envelope, some just lick it, and some can't find the flap!
BS337 - Fundamentalism stops a thinking mind
BS345 - "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." --S. Holmes
BS376 - Always remember: Pillage first, THEN burn!
BS381 - Always proofread. You might have something out.
BS387 - Amateur Rocket Scientist My other vehicle is in orbit
BS421 - My kid sells term papers to your honor student
BS436 - Learn from your parents' mistakes, USE BIRTH CONTROL
BS437 - We've got ENOUGH Youth, what we NEED is a Fountain of SMART!
BS457 - Support the Math Illiteracy Tax - Buy Lottery Tickets
BS473 - A good university needs a football team like a fish needs a bicycle.
BS476 - When cryptography is outlawed, 7c%K@mp8T=;Rfs9bVhi*5xFwW/Q[uY
BS502 - Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I am a Rocket Scientist!
BS504 - The fact that no one understands you does NOT make you an Artist!
BS515 - If the Rapture would rid us of some of these idiots, it couldn't come soon enough!
BS524 - Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard. Be Evil.
BS528 - In my next life, I want more memory installed!
BS536 - Si hoc adfixum in obice legere potes, et liberaler educatus et nimim propinquus ades! [translation: If you can read this bumper sticker, you are both very well educated and much too close! (in Latin)]
BS545 - Belief is no substitute for knowledge

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