The Government

(and the people who run it)

...if we did a better job picking the people who supposedly represent us, there wouldn't be so much to criticize.

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BS100 - Support Capitol Punishment, Flog a Politician Today
BS106 - There is no freedom OF religion without freedom FROM religion
BS119 - If ignorance is Bliss, Washington must be Paradise!
BS124 - "Gun Control" isn't about guns. It's about control.
BS134 - The truth is out there. Trust no one. Deny everything.
BS139 - Balance the Budget. Declare Politicians as Game and sell Hunting Stamps.
BS182 - Weird Enough for Government Work
BS194 - I love my country. It's my government I fear.
BS210 - Don't steal. The government hates competition.
BS225 - It's worse than you think and they ARE out to get you!
BS237 - Sure you can trust the Government! Just ask an Indian!
BS256 - VOTE: REPUBLICAN, it's easier than THINKING; DEMOCRAT, it's easier than WORKING; Libertarian, it's cheaper than TAXES
BS264 - Ignore your rights and they'll go away
BS270 - A Woman's Place is in the House... and Senate!
BS272 - Civil Disobedience - It's not just for revolutionaries anymore!
BS274 - Vote Conservative! There's no mistake like an old mistake!
BS284 - Power Corrupts - Isn't that what it's for?
BS286 - Downsizing is good, right? Then let's fire Uncle Sam!
BS314 - They're Lying
BS315 - Ignore the propaganda. Focus on what you see.
BS326 - Put politicians in their place - Landfills!
BS336 - Stop repeat offenders Don't re-elect them!
BS338 - Remember when conservatives protected privacy and freedom?
BS340 - A world without war; a dream to some, a nightmare to the arms manufacturers.
BS362 - We will never have great leaders as long as we mistake education for intelligence, ambition for ability, and lack of transgression for integrity!
BS367 - Only lawyers get to be judges, and that's the (F)LAW!
BS368 - Inside every small problem is a big one trying to get government funding
BS372 - Guns didn't make America unsafe, Courts and Congress did!
BS373 - Don't call us "gun nuts"-- with a government like ours, we'd be nuts not to have guns!
BS419 - WARNING: The Attorney General has determined that Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms can be dangerous to your health, and get away with it!
BS422 - No government is better than NO GOVERNMENT!
BS423 - Never trust a government that doesn't trust YOU!
BS424 - Give the anarchists an inch, and the next thing you know, they want to be in charge!
BS434 - Freedom of Religion means ALL Religions
BS463 - Fight Organized Crime -- Don't Re-elect ANYONE!
BS476 - When cryptography is outlawed, 7c%K@mp8T=;Rfs9bVhi*5xFwW/Q[uY
BS479 - It's OUR money, not theIRS!
BS512 - Question Authority - Don't ask why, just DO IT!
BS530 - Invest in America   Buy a Congressman!
BS532 - Steal from one person, and you're a criminal. Steal from EVERYONE, and you're a GOVERNMENT!
BS540 - Not your child, Not your choice!
BS546 - A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular. Adlai E. Stevenson
BS547 - Not all of us are sheep.
BS550 - They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.  --Benjamin Franklin, 1759
BS558 - What we really need is a ten-day waiting period and background check before you can buy a Congressman
BS564 - You can have my First Amendment when you pry my cold, dead hands off the Second.
BS566 - Religious freedom is measured by the distance between Church and State.
BS568 - I VOTE ON MORAL ISSUES - Greed, Corruption, Poverty, War, Intolerance, Hunger and Equality

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