The Goddess

More Goddess-related stickers are available in our main line; see Religion (nontraditional)

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G100 - Blessed Be
G101 - Under Protection of the Goddess
G102 - Life's a Witch... and then you fly!
G103 - My other vehicle is a broom!
G104 - The ways are many... The Light is one! (with graphics of Yin/Yang, Kokopelli, Ankh, Pentacle, Cross, Om, UU Chalice, Star of David, Muslim Star/Crescent, Sikhism, and Buddha)
G105 - Moon cycle wax and wane, bring Her blessed face again
G106 - I [heart with pentacle] GODDESS
G107 - Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An it harm none, do what ye will.
G108 - Goddess Bless! (with Goddess names)
G109 - Be Your Own GODDESS
G110 - Pagan Voter
G111 - I'm Pagan... and I Vote!
G112 - Make Magick Happen... Vote!
G113 - The Goddess Loves You   ...whether you believe in her or not!
G115 - Eris is my co-pilot
G117 - Eris is my co-pilot - Loki is my bombardier

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