There's a story behind this sticker.

Back in 1994, when we started adding bumper stickers to our line, there was a guy named Bill Clinton living in the White House, and one of the signature phrases that had come out of his speechwriters' efforts was "I feel your pain." Well, far be it from us to let a straight line like that go by unused, so we made a bumper sticker that said "Clinton can't feel my pain, Clinton IS my pain!"; it was BS126 in our line at the time. Six years went by, and Bill was soon going to be out of office, so we decided that the time had come to dump that item from the catalog. To make it obvious to our wholesale customers that we were killing it off, we took out the link to the image, and changed the description for that stock number to "This sticker has been discontinued." About a week went by, and somebody tried to order it. No, not the Clinton-bashing one, they tried to order a sticker that said "This sticker has been discontinued." We scratched our heads a bit, apologized for the confusion, and made the listing on the site more explicit...and about a month later, somebody else tried to order it. This kept happening until we finally just took the listing out of the page and left that stock number unused...but the request had come in often enough at that point that we decided to print the silly thing and toss it into the line at some point. So, here it is. The absurdity level inherent in making a sticker with this slogan is pretty high, even by our standards. There you have it.

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