Food, glorious food

...and beverages, and miscellaneous munchies for various entities

...but no hot sausage with mustard.

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BS110 - Bad cop. Bad BAD cop. NO DONUT.
BS121 - Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Chocolate Side of the Force!
BS135 - Death Before Dishonor Nothing Before Coffee
BS138 - Vegetables aren't food. Vegetables are what food eats.
BS141 - Crus de agnus Deae con quilon menthae (Leg of lamb of Goddess with mint jelly)
BS142 - Crus de agnus Dei con quilon menthae (Leg of lamb of God with mint jelly)
BS150 - Will litigate for food
BS151 - The way to a man's heart is between the fourth and fifth ribs
BS179 - Will build thermonuclear devices for food
BS180 - Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, for You are Crunchy and Good with Ketchup.
BS185 - I love cats. Want to trade recipes?
BS188 - Men exist because cats won't mow the lawn. Women exist because sheep can't cook. Neither of these things explain children.
BS201 - If it isn't fattening, it isn't food!
BS215 - Visualize Whirled Peas
BS222 - A chill in the air, a cat on the lap, a mug of chocolate, and a good book. Ah, Paradise!
BS243 - Alcohol and calculus don't mix NEVER DRINK AND DERIVE!
BS257 - If we are what we eat, I'm fast, cheap and easy!
BS273 - C:\COFFEE.EXE NOT FOUND <A>bort, <R>etry, <B>rew another pot?
BS280 - Red meat isn't bad for you. Fuzzy, green meat is bad for you!
BS281 - I saw Elvis making crop circles
BS296 - Forget Love - I want to fall in Chocolate
BS298 - B.S. (Phys): Why does it work? B.S. (Engr): How does it work? B.A. (Acctg): How much will it cost? B.A. (Arts) You want fries with that?
BS310 - Will Write Code for Food
BS325 - You earthlings have such strange eating habits
BS328 - Visualize Whirled Pizza
BS339 - Bobbitt's Tavern. Have a few too many and we'll cut you off!
BS344 - The four essential elements: Means, Motive, Opportunity and Chocolate!
BS347 - Cats humor us because they know that their ancestors ate ours.
BS353 - Bean me up, Scotty! They make lousy coffee down here
BS355 - Yes, I've heard of "decaf." What's your point?
BS356 - Everybody needs something to believe. I believe I'll have another cup of coffee!
BS357 - Just bring me the coffee and nobody will get hurt
BS361 - A chill in the air, a cat on the lap, a mug of java and a good book. Ah paradise!
BS366 - Federal Espresso - When you absolutely, positively have to have something that will get you going, no matter what you were doing overnight!
BS390 - Evolution created anchovies - Man's ignorance put them on pizza!
BS394 - Smoking Cures Ham
BS401 - Miskatonic Summer Games - Fastest food in Arkham
BS432 - God was my co-pilot ..but we crashed in the Andes, and I had to eat him.
BS445 - It's lonely at the top... but you eat better.
BS455 - Reality is the Anchovy on the Pizza of Life
BS459 - Cats are amazing! Cute, furry, friendly, and only 140 calories per serving!
BS464 - Will Genetically Engineer Organisms For Food
BS466 - Give a man a fish, and he will eat for one day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat drinking beer every day!
BS478 - The first cup of coffee recapitulates phylogeny
BS513 - Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee
BS533 - Money talks   Chocolate Sings!
BS543 - Arsenic is "natural". Hemlock is "organic".
BS579 - Gamers love a challenge - Particularly if there's pizza!

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