Instant Attitudes Computer Stickers

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BS103 - [Windows™ Logo] And this is your computer on drugs. Any questions?
BS108 - C code. C code run. Run, code, run! (please?)
BS137 - I Don't Do Windows
BS144 - We are IBM™! Windows™ is irrelevant! You will be assimilated!
BS145 - RTFM
BS161 - Bad command. Bad, BAD command. Sit! Stay.
BS171 - Remember when Windows were washed, mice were trapped and UNIX guarded the harem?
BS212 - Computers are vehicles for the mind. They drive you crazy!
BS214 - We are Microsoft™! Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated
BS260 - System Analysis is the process of finding exactly the right wrench to pound in the required screw.
BS271 - Computers aren't intelligent. They just think they are.
BS273 - C:\COFFEE.EXE NOT FOUND >A<bort, >R<etry, >B<rew another pot?
BS277 - Computers cut my work in half, and the boss expects me to put it all back together!
BS304 - Computer Literacy? You mean my computer is supposed to read?
BS305 - The Computer Revolution is over. The computers won.
BS310 - Will write code for food
BS316 - Testing drugs ON computers just makes them safe FOR computers
BS317 - Life would be so much easier if we just had the source code
BS350 - Microsoft™: If you can't beat them, buy them. Apple™: If you can't beat them, sue them. IBM™: If you can't beat them, ignore them
BS375 - Real programmers don't document. If it was hard to write, it should be impossible to understand!
BS383 - If you hold a Unix shell up to your ear, can you hear the C?
BS391 - Had a life. Traded it for a faster modem
BS447 - Work is for people who don't SURF THE NET
BS476 - When cryptography is outlawed, 7c%K@mp8T=;Rfs9bVhi*5xFwW/Q[uY
BS492 - I have NOT lost my mind. It's backed up on the server. (and the network is down again...)
BS528 - In my next life, I want more memory installed!
BS559 - Had a life. Traded it for broadband.

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