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(on the most relentlessly retro in-service commercial website you're likely to see this week.)

Since 1992, proudly making and selling thought-provoking (and sometimes more-than-that provoking) stuff, currently including T-shirts and bumper stickers.

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Bumper stickers are $2.50 for one, $6 for three; it gets cheaper when you buy more.
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T-shirts start at $19
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News from Our Fearless Leader

Cheap Shipping Still In Effect!
Shipping on all shirts (US destinations only) remains reduced to $3 each.

We will be closed through Monday, September 4 while we are on the road to San Japan in San Antonio, TX. We've been dealing with the effects of Harvey (yes, we're located in Houston) for the past week, and some shipping delays won't get handled until September 5th. If your order has a time-dritical need-by date, let us know and we'll try to make sure it happens.

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